The website internal structure software has been changed to a new “theme”  which is what they call the software that holds all the pages together. The original theme suddenly became problematic due to age, updates  and compatibility issues which exist to make web designers and website keepers pull their hair out. I am still learning the ins and outs and will tweak as we go forward. For now, any complaints must be submitted, in writing, on the back of a fifty dollar bill and sent to the webmaster.

**** 2/9/2020    I’m also aware that the link(s) to the forums aren’t working. We experienced a hiccup within our main website and are trying to flush out all the issues. ***** 

*** 1/29/2020 I am aware we lost the logo and banner pictures. No need to message me. I am seeking adult supervision on how to proceed, meaning repair or update the website framework to a more compatible background theme. It’s a website software thing. Thanks, Dale ***