Website Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

Forum Posting Guidelines for East Bay Prospectors’ Website

We require that our members use this site for prospecting and mining information exchange, general club business and member info such as birthday greetings, and the like. Our intent is minimal moderation of forum content. It is our desire that members will abide by the rules to keep the dialogue civil and trouble free. We have a few simple rules that need to be followed. Should there be an issue, contact the webmaster, a moderator or a board member directly.

Language and Use of Nudity or Profanity

This is a family website. We do not allow gratuitous profanity or nudity on this site.  We want it to be an informative and entertaining experience for everyone. However, that does not mean that young children should be viewing the website without supervision. As a broad guideline for what is acceptable, we are using a standard similar to the PG rating used by the MPAA.

Personal Attacks are not allowed.

This includes negative comments based on race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Constructive feedback and/or discussions focused on mining related issues will be permitted. Good natured “ribbing” is fine as long as both parties understand the intent.

Political Discussions

These must be focused on mining related issues. Non-mining politics and partisan politics will be removed.

Links to other sites and information

Permitted but please keep these rules in mind when posting links to other sites and locations. Links may be addition to, but not instead of, posting one’s own prospecting report or other information helpful to members. Limited, extraneous profanity may be acceptable in a linked article or video, for example, if not offensive to an “average” individual. Please stop and think before posting potentially offensive material. It may be appropriate to include a warning with the post so that members can decide whether to proceed to the link or whether to allow their children to view the linked material. This includes links and or information listed in your personal profile.

Promotions and Advertising

Any attempt to use the site for advertising without prior board approval will be removed. This includes anything listed in your personal profile.

Event Postings

We will gladly post the events of different clubs and organizations with the approval of the board to assure that the event does not overlap with a club sponsored function.

Infractions and Removal from the East Bay Prospectors Forums

It is our hope that we do not remove any members from our forums. However, should there be a rare occasion, the following rules will apply:

• Any person and/or posts that are disruptive or in a manner deemed detrimental to the club and its membership can be locked, edited, and removed by a moderator. The poster will be contacted and the issue discussed.

• All such posts will be reviewed by the moderation team and discussed with the poster. We may decide to leave the post off, edit then reinstate it, or reinstate it in its original form.

• Should the member’s actions suggest that dismissal from the site may be appropriate, the issue will be brought up to club leadership before any action is taken.

• All member removals will require approvals from the Moderators and Club President. Removal communications to the member will come from the President of East Bay Prospectors or, if directed, the Communications Director.

Again, removal should be the last resort and it is our hope that members abide by these rules and enjoy the forums.

Thank you for keeping our site on the high road!